Qatari Inventor Wins Award for World's First Smart Prayer Rug


Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, a trend-setter from Qatar, won a gold decoration at a renowned development display in Geneva for his astounding creation. He developed a brilliant supplication mat called Sajdah, which is uncommonly intended to help new Muslims, including kids, in performing petitions accurately.

This one-of-a-kind petition floor covering consolidates current innovation with conventional components and offers intelligent highlights to direct clients through the legitimate procedures and steps of supplication. It has a little screen with lights and underlying speakers that give straightforward guidelines to more than 25 petitions in both English and Arabic.

Sajdah is intended to help new Muslims, including youngsters, in performing supplications accurately. By interfacing the mat to a portable application, clients can pick explicit petitions and get on-screen instructions. Sajdah offers directed supplication preparation, assisting clients with learning every day and non-day-to-day petitions to God bit by bit.

The floor covering's Driven screen helps with perusing and remembering the Sacred Quran while rehearsing petitions. It is brilliant and associated, permitting clients to tweak the speed of petitioning God guides and other settings. The supplication floor covering is multilingual, giving petitioning heaven guides and Quran stanzas in Arabic, English, and Latin Literal interpretation.

It fills in as a fitness coach, guaranteeing clients follow the right stances and requests of each and every request. For youngsters, Sajdah offers an easy-to-understand arrangement with basic bit-by-bit instructions. Additionally, Sajdah goes about as a request sidekick, helping fixation during supplications and Quran recitation.

It is consistent with Shariah regulation and perceived by different madhhab as a legitimate petition instruction device.

Generally, Sajdah joins innovation and custom to upgrade petitioning God encounters, taking special care of people anxious to further develop their request rehearses.

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